The Short Stick Shift Handle

The Original "Lou's Short Stick" !!

Candy and Melissa with the Short Stick

Here's Candy and Melissa, two gorgeous Hooters girls, with the stainless steel Short Stick. During a recent car show at a local Hooters, they graciously agreed to let me snap a few photos for my web site. It was hard work (yea right!) but I think you'll agree that they make the Short Stick look even better than it is.

Note: Hooters does not endorse the Short Stick in any way, shape, or form.

History of the Short Stick

After I bought my 98 Camaro SS, which by the way was May 23rd, 1998, I did the obvious - started looking into ways to improve it. Of course the CAGS was the first thing to go. I got my Skip Shift Eliminator from Eckler's Corvette Parts in Titusville, Florida. Second, I wanted to do something to reduce the long throw of the shifter. Not only was the throw long, but the shift knob came way back which sometimes caused me to hit my seatback with my elbow. I looked at the Hurst and B&M shifter, but being the "frugal" person that I am, I wasn't ready to plop down $170 or more when the stock shifter was really not that bad, it just had too long of a throw.

So I started looking for an inexpensive way to change this. After much thought, I came up with a new design for a shifter handle notably dubbed the Short Stick. What this handle does is replace only the handle, or lever, of the stock shifter. The handle bolts to the stock shifter stem and uses the factory stock knob. This handle reduces the shifter throw by 20%. It also positions the knob in such a way that the knob doesn't come back as far in the even gears (2nd, 4th, 6th) which makes shifting much more comfortable. I had a prototype handle made (thanks to my friend Tito) which I currently have installed in my SS and it works great.

The next step was to make a handle for the Hurst shifters since they are the most popular among the F-body crowd. My buddy JK Smith, who just happened to have a Hurst Competition Plus that he installed in his 97 Z28, was nice enough to help out in my R & D effort. Since the bolts used on the Hurst shifter are slightly larger in diameter, some tweaks were required to the prototype. With these modifications, it was determined that the Hurst shifter with the Short Stick further reduced the Hurst's throw another 17%. In addition to reducing the throw of the Hurst, it also positions the knob much lower since the handle is shortened over 2 inches.

The problem was then trying to make the handle compatible with both the stock shifter and the Hurst shifter. It was first decided just to have two different models, one for the stock shifter and one for the Hurst. The difference between the two being different bolt hole diameters. One problem I found during my research and testing, though was that the Hurst shifter stem was moved to the right considerably more than the stock shifter stem. This was the reason for the considerable bend in the Hurst handle toward the driver. It was then decided that the bend to the left was also required on the Short Stick for the aftermarket Hurst. This bend is not needed on the factory-installed Hurst due to Hurst's making an equivalent of this bend (per GM's specs) on the stub below where the handle mounts to the shifter stem. This is the reason the factory-installed Hurst uses the stock GM handle.

Short Stick Features

- For 1993 and up Camaro Z28, SS, Formula, Trans AM, Firehawk
- Fits M6 Stock, factory Hurst, SLP, aftermarket Hurst and Pro 5.0 shifters
- Fits M5 aftermarket Hurst shifters (V6 models)
- Material: High Strength Steel
- Finish: Black Satin or Stainless Steel
- Retains the factory boot and knob
- One piece design with no welds to break
- Installation is a breeze (see on-line instructions below)

Short Stick for the Stock, Factory-Installed Hurst Shifter, and SLP #60043 Shifter (Part # 52501, 52504)

The Short Stick for the stock, factory-installed Hurst shifter and SLP shifter reduces shifter throw by 20%. One model Short Stick is compatible with all three shifters. The rubber grommet is deleted on the handle for these shifters which eliminates the "spongy" feel of the shifters and allows for shorter, quicker and more positive shifting. Available in black or stainless finish.

Note: The stainless version is now being made in Chromel. Chromel is chromium with a high nickel content. It is similar in characteristic to stainless steel as far as tensile strength but has a smoother and more polished finish.

Short Stick for the Aftermarket Hurst (Part #'s 52502, 52503) and Pro 5.0 Shifters (Part # 52502A)

The Short Stick for the aftermarket Hurst Competition Plus, Hurst Billet Plus and Pro 5.0 shifter reduces shifter throw by 17%. It has a bend toward the driver (left) of approximately 25 degrees and a bend toward the rear of approximately 5 degrees. It also shortens the handle considerably for better knob position. It is available to accept the stock knob and the small Hurst knob (used on the chrome Hurst handle). Available in black finish only.

Optional Short Stick for the Aftermarket Hurst Billet Plus (Part # 52505)

This version Short Stick for the aftermarket Hurst Billet Plus shifter reduces shifter throw by 17%. It does not have a bend toward the driver but it does have a bend toward the rear of approximately 5 degrees. It also shortens the handle considerably for better knob position. It is available to accept the stock knob threads only. Available in black or stainless finish.

Short Stick Part Numbers and Pricing

Part No.          Price      Application

52501-BLK     $47.00    Fits Stock, Factory-Installed Hurst Shifter, and SLP #60043 Shifter (Black finish)
52501-SS        $57.00    Fits same as above (Stainless finish - Chromium w/High Nickel content)

52502-BLK     $47.00    Fits Aftermarket Hurst Competition Plus or Billet Plus Shifter - M5 and M6 (Black finish)
52502A-BLK   $47.00    Fits Pro 5.0 Shifter (Black finish)
52503-BLK*    $47.00    Fits Aftermarket Hurst Competition Plus or Billet Plus Shifter - 3/8 x 16 threads (Black finish)
52504-SS*       $59.00    Fits Stock, Factory Hurst and SLP Shifter - 3/8 x 16 threads (Stainless finish)
52505-BLK*     $47.00    Fits Aftermarket Hurst Billet Plus Shifter ("straight" with Black finish)
52505-SS*       $57.00    Fits Aftermarket Hurst Billet Plus Shifter ("straight" with Stainless finish)

* Special Order Item - E-mail me for availability of 52503, 52504, and 52505 Short Sticks

Shipping Charges:

Standard: $5.75 - Priority Mail (approximately 3 days)
Optional: $17.00 - Express Mail (overnight to most locations)

** A Postal Money Order is preferred although regular Money Orders or Personal Checks are also accepted **

To Order, use the Short Stick automated order form:

Short Stick Order Form


I am happy to announce that Afterthoughts Auto is now carrying my Short Stick products in their on-line store! I have an exclusive agreement with Afterthoughts and they will be the only on-line F-Body parts distributor that will sell my products. Afterthoughts is a great company with excellent customer service that can also process your credit card transactions. Visit Afterthoughts for your Short Stick needs as well as a great selection of additional F-Body parts and unique accessories. Of course, you can still get the Short Sticks directly from me if you so desire. Thanks!
- Lou S.

What you get with your order is the Short Stick, 2 high strength bolts and lock washers, and detailed, illustrated instructions. Bolts are not supplied with the aftermarket Hurst or Pro 5.0 version as the old bolts can be reused.

Once I receive your order, I will reply with the mailing address for sending payment.

Or if you prefer to place your order over the phone, e-mail me with your phone number and I'll call you.

Everyone who has purchased the Short Stick loves it. If you would like to see some of my e-mail responses from some of my customers, let me know and I'll forward you some of my responses. Just let me know what type of shifter you currently have so I can forward you a response from someone who has a similar set up.

Short Stick Installation

The Short Stick takes about 15 minutes to install and comes with detailed instructions. Tools required for installation are:

- 7mm nut driver
- 1/2" socket, box or open end wrench

Click here for the Short Stick FAQ page !!

** E-mail me to order the Short Stick Shift Handle if the order form does not work **

Short Stick Pictures

The prototype Short Stick installed in my SS  

The production Short Stick compared to the stock shift handle 

Close-up pictures of the Short Stick for the Stock and Factory-Installed Hurst Shifter  

Pictures of the Short Stick for the Hurst Aftermarket Shifter  

New pictures of Short Stick Equipped F-Bodies  

** E-mail me for more info on the Short Stick Shift Handle for M6 F-Bodies **

Special Thanks to:

- Tito for helping get my prototype made.
- JK for the use of his 97 Z28 and Hurst Competition Plus shifter.
- Kyle T. for his mechanical engineering expertise.
- Jim W. for his help with the T/A knob.
- My wife and kids for putting up with all my crap.

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